A new day....a good day!

Today is 11 years after I married the one whom my heart longs to be with!

The amazing part of this year..this anniversary, is that we are living in the home that we got married at! It was funny to look out onto the front yard today...knowing that 11 years ago there were 400 chairs lined up and ribbons tied in the trees, blowing int he wind. 11 years ago today I remember the kitchen being a fuss with my mom, my aunts and my grandma Patty preparing cheese and crackers for the bridal party...and today it's filled with the fuss of four children going crazy waiting to go to the beach.
11 years ago...I remember my family and friends all smiling and happy to experience the day with me. 11 years ago I remember the look on Scott's face when he saw me in my dress for the very first time. His grin...wow...it makes me smile just thinking of it!
11 years ago today at 4:30pm I married the one whom my heart longs to be with!
What a good day!


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