Run for your life....

There's nothing like it for me. Nothing like a good run. I realize a "good" run for me is possibly different from another person's definition of such.
This morning, at 5:45am I woke to stumble out of bed and squeeze my sleepy body into my running gear. No coffee or food to help me along I sloppily walked outside and stretched my stiff body. But as soon as my feet hit the pavement my heart feels lighter, my head feel more clear and my body is ready to go.
There's nothing like a good run.
Some days I simply rock out to my music, others I pray and yet others I find myself deep in thought and internal conversation. Since there seems to be no shortage of need for thought and prayers these days, this is typically where I find myself. In that lone quiet hour or so...thinking for myself, by myself, to myself. It breathes life into me. It literally feels like sometimes I am running for my life.
Many times people ask how I can run mid-day, in the scorching sun or how I can get up with only 4-5 hours of sleep and go early in the morning: my response is typically, "it's my sanity. I have to have my sanity to get through the days, so whatever it takes, I'll do it". Ok..."whatever it takes" might be a stretch since I have proven to NOT be able to get up any earlier than 5:45, but you get the point.
That being said...I am hoping that since I took the time and energy to get in a good 5 mile run this morning, I will be a more sane mom. Since it's only 8:20am...I guess I have some serious hours to prove my theory =)


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