The photo's loaded we're going to look at the day at the river in reverse order!
A very tired boy, playing with warm sand...ready for his head to hit his pillow.
My mom and dad! Ahhh
Chubby Baby Parts
Dead Minnow the kids caught...ALIVE!
Dirty girl...oh so sandy!
More Chubby Baby Parts...
because I just couldn't help but share them!
Wow...who's that guy!?!
Oh's my husband!
Man, he makes the river look good.
And no one makes a 6-12 mos. swim suit look as good as she does....
Except...for maybe her?!
And here is the final arrangement after the flotation devices had flown from the back of the hillbilly-mobile!
And here is Scott...picking up the tubes...that had flow out.
Finally...the beginning. The scene that started the whole day.
The Beverly Hillbillies leaving "The Farm"!


hahaha! I'm lovin' your hillbilly mobile! And your pics are fantastic. :)
Ehlan said…
Looks like a blast--and are both those girls in 6-12 mos. swim suits? That's crazy!

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