"Not Me" Monday

That's right folks...I'm baaack! And I thought a great way to enter back in my "bloggy" like would be to partake in yet, another "Not Me" Monday post!

If you aren't familiar, which I am sure that you are, this bizarre, or carnival of sorts is hosted by none other than MckMama herself! Make sure to head over to her blog and "MckLinky" up so that the entire world can read your embarrassing weekly accomplishments!

Oh where to begin...well to just state the obvious. I have not allowed my blog to go untouched for a whopping 2 weeks. Oh how I enjoy the company of my blogging community, and find solise in knowing there are others out there....but I have not been confined to either a sewing machine or forcing myself to stay as far away from additional time on the computer as much as possible! My dear children have needed me...like, I guess, realllly needed me!

I have also not been dragging all of you who may happen to be interested in my newest business venture along for months now. I did not realize how long these things take and have not caused this "reveal", whenever it may come, to be completely anti-climactic.

And for a recent item....well as my family and I peacefully canoed down our local river yesterday I did not proceed to make a fool of myself. Here's the scene: Paddling in the canoe, whistling Dixie as I listened to the wind rustle through the leaves and the wake lap against the side of our canoe. My sis grabs a water out of the cooler...I think to myself "eeeww water...I want me some caffeine!". Stealthy I turned from my front seat, stepped once, twice and reached for the cooler. This is when I did not begin teetering back and forth until...SPLASH! A barrel roll I did not do into the river. If that had happened it most certainly would have been the highlight of every one's day....

One thing I do have? A potty trained 2 1/2 year old girl who has been "trained" for almost 1 1/2 months now. She took it upon herself to do it...and is doing well. She is not however very curious about the difference between her and Finn's toilet habits. She has not been know to try and stand to pee recently...nor would she try to "hold" something in her hands to do so. Not my child...well mannered, well versed in body parts. Noooo!

Much to my dismay our house is still a "fishbowl" of sorts, with construction surrounding us on 2 of 4 sides. Our windows seem to be windows to the noisy world...and this has not caused me to lose my mind a time or two. I have not been known to stand, hands on hips, in my front yard as to watch the workers and what they may be doing. No.... you are mistaken...that is me watching my children gleefully play as a semi.drives.by.and.stirs.up.enough.dust.to.fill.a.small.bowl.with!!!

And...folks...that's all I have for tonight! So, be sure to check out MckMama's blog for a whole heap of other people waiting to make you laugh. And...as I said...hopefully this will be my reintroduction into my blogging world again! Hello....I'm back!


Bridget said…
Its about time!
Elda Jr. said…
Umm. I would add that you were NOT narrating your quest for caffeine using a cartoon voice and speaking in Spanish at the time when you fell head over heels out of the canoe and into the river! I, in turn, will NOT have this image permanently tattooed on my brain for a rainy day when I need a good laugh.
Love the canoe story! and? I am waiting to hear about the big reveal!!
Anne said…
I missed you! :)
Ehlan said…
I thought you were gone for good! :) Glad you are back! And dry from your river escapade!

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