"Not Me" Monday

Another week, another....well week! So joining in for your reading pleasure is Alicia O. & The Gang. But trust me.. I am one of hundreds that join this festival of sorts. Be sure to click back over to MckMama's blog to read hilarious, heart wrenching, tear jerkers of entries.

But for me...this week was strewn with moments that I may or may not have actually been a part of.

Beginning with my new business venture...I have not cried wolf several times already saying I would announce this darn.thing already. I am no tease ladies...and when this wolf actually does cry, it will be with relief that I am pulling through the gates of "launch-ville".

During these summer months, the children and I soak up each.and.every.stinkin.moment of sunshine that is shed in our neck of the woods. This means outdoor play, pool fun, sprinkler follies and alike. This also means wet bodies, dirty feet and mud stained clothing. I did not catch my self saying things like this to the children this past week:
-Finn, stop pinching your penis and go behind the garage to go potty!
-Sylvi, please go put some clothes on and stop running around naked.
-Pearl Patricia, do not eat that dirt!
-Lilly, you may not change in the front yard...there are construction workers everywhere who need not see your naked body!

My closet is hopelessly empty, as is my resolve to do something about it. But, this weekend, coupon in hand, I ventured to my favorite "jean" store. I knew what I needed. I went, I saw, I conquered. Almost! The young gal insisted on a couple of variations of what I needed and I obliged...for her sake of course. But upon realizing my jean size had gone down...elated I grabbed 2 pairs. She then insisted that I should try yet a smaller size. It was then that I did not throw out the children card. "miss, I have 4 children. I don't think my jeans need to be any tighter than this!"

We participated, yet again, in a family run weekend on Saturday. Scott and I, both pushing double jogging strollers, attempted a 5 mile run in our hometown area. This year...by golly we were prepared. Tires filled, breakfast for children packed and running gear ready. While running Lilly did not decide at about 1/2 mile in that she had to go potty, which then did not induce the chain reaction for Sylvi to have to do. So porta potty #1 we visited. Running along trying to forget that my time would not be as I had planned...we passed porta potty #2. Sylvi, chiming in first this time, did not again have to go potty...causing Lilly to have to go again as well. Porta Potty #2....DONE! Nearing the finish line...still telling myself that timing just isn't a goal this year...the children saw the finish line. This is their cue to get out and run on their own. Run they did....and my heart swelled as I watched them grin with accomplishment. This did not cause me to forget my own time and not even fully run through the finish line...and then upon actually crossing I did not forget to even listen to what the timing person yelled out. Oh joy!

Oh...and last but not least. The photos in my last post...of the dead fish. They were small fish my little.pixie of a sister decided to catch as we float down the river last week. She bottled them up in hoped of keeping them for fishing minnows. She did not forget to trap air in the bottle though and the fish did not die before we even made it back. My children, however did not care. They were very happy to play with these not so alive fish....and Sylvi did not try to use one as lipstick!

That's it for now...my pillow is calling my name.

As always...read until your retina's come lose over at MckMama's blog by clicking the hundreds who have linked up using MckLinky!

Come on back now, ya hear!


Ehlan said…
It's in Princeton @ Mark Park! It's the best! It's open 11-4 for sure weekdays, I think the same time on Saturdays! Let me know if you are going some day, maybe we can meet you!!
I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing. We start tomorrow. ”What would your children say?” Wednesday, I hope you can join in the fun.

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