Just around the river bend!!

Oh how that is one of my favorite tunes from a Disney movie. Not because I love Disney...or their movies. Not because I love the movie Pocahontas. But just because it is right in my range and I can sing it loud and good! Well...maybe not the good part, but loud for sure.

Alright...on to the post. As you might have read in my "Not Me" Monday post I had a bout with the river this past Sunday. And...as you can imagine I did not have my camera on the river...so there are no photos that capture that moment.

However, there are others. Photos of cute little children eating dirt. A scene straight from "Beverly Hillbillies" as an inner tube that's old.as.dirt flies out of the over packed pickup hauling all of our junk down to the river! Peachy photos of my family posing together. But...as usual...not one single photo of myself with my family have a peachy summer afternoon on the river. Oh well...you all know I'm there...otherwise there wouldn't be any photos as all!

So without further ado...here they are!

UPDATE: Photos wouldn't load last night or this morning, so....I am going to post this and hopefully get the many photos loaded later today!


cant wait for the beverly hillbillies photo:) Im never in pictures either,but have been in 3 this week-gasp!!
4under3 said…
I'm excited for the eating dirt picture. And, grr, to non loading pictures.

Foon to be Fogo Friend,


p.s. did you get the "f" was supposed to be an "s?" Alright, bad joke.

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