without a trace...

That's right. We left...without a trace. The children and I packed up and left last weekend. Scott had left the thurs. before for some out of state work thingy (honestly...I can't keep track of everything these days) and the children and I had some at home business to finish up before we could head out. But....Sunday afternoon came and off we went.

It's a 6 1/2 hour drive (without stops) to Nodak, where my parents have a house on Devil's Lake. A.MA.ZINGLY the children and I, all packed into our vehicle with tricks in every pocket and bin, made it there in about 7 hours flat.

I decided ahead of time...stops were not allowed. The kind of stops where you get out and go in somewhere to go to the restroom. Yeah...going into a gas station with 4 very small children, and only have 2 hands to coral them just plain 'ol doesn't work. So we packed the potty chair in the back and limited our beverages (well...I limited thier beverages). It only caused a minor spat between my eldest and I once...and for me? That's not bad. The ride was great. The children and I played games, listened to an audio book and talked about our relatives in North Dakota. The children took a nap and then, after a quick drive-thru dinner, a short video on my laptop and we were there! Now that wasn't so hard was it?

While there we played, we slept (ok...we kind of slept. The children had some definate issues with sleeping last week. NONE of which had to do with cramped or uncomfortable sleeping arrangements...my parents do amazing things with not.so.amazing homes! It is spacious and welcoming...so great!), had bonfires, went fishing, ran a couple of times and almost died once and ate...A LOT!

Then a week passed and we headed out for yet another 7 hour car ride to my in-laws house. There Scott met us Friday night with our tent set up, a bonfire ready and a huge smile. We hadn't seen him in over a week. It's a tradition now, that my husband and I run in thier annual Fisherman's 5K while his parents watch the children. It's always sunny and warm and a great carnival goes on all weekend. This year the sun and warmth were no where to be found and the carnival was not so great...but we did run, then Finn & Sylvi ran a 1/2 mile fun run (thier first...and in the rain) and we enjoyed what we could of any sunshiny weather that poked through. Sunday was beautful...we took out my father-in-laws amazingly restored 1950's boat. Enjoyed the glass-like water and got a bit too much sun.

Then, we were off again on our 3 hour drive home. It, too, was very well tolerated by all and welcomed by me. I am ready to be home. I am thankful to be home....with my whole family.


Ehlan said…
Sounds like a fun and busy time! Glad you are back!

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