Bullet Points

-Blogging has eluded me a bit lately!
-Not for lack of 'want'
-My children are the joy of my days...almost always!
-We have an open house this weekend! COME ON IN!
-Our "baby" will be 2 very VERY soon! How did this happen?
-Finn is definitely not as his best...with a massive double ear infection on board.
-I can't say as though I've been feeling all that well...but mind over matter!
-Baby Elephant Ears is doing very well...and about to pick up the pace a bit!
-I hope I can keep up.
-Spring has sprung in my book...and believe me I am NOT looking back!
-Since the above has happened...the children think 'flip flops' are back in for the season.
-I agree.
-Running is back on the weekly agenda...never enough...but I'll take what I can get.
-I love life. I love the roller coaster that it is. Hurt, pain, joy and praise! I love it all.
-The idea of moving to 'the farm' is all-together overwhelming and over-exciting!
-I have fairy-tale visions of my gardening extravaganza planned for this year.
-All of my children are within 20 lbs of each other: 30lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs
-Yes...that's right..I have a 50lbs child! Even though they are born large...I never thought this far ahead!
Ok...that's enough for now.


raggedy ash said…
i like bullet point blogging! somehow it seems like "less work", right? not that blogging should EVER seem like work. :)

i love all 165 POUNDS of your children soooo much! it was a blessing to see you + kids at dinner last night.

irish twins 4eva. xoxo
Arley & Miranda said…
I miss you :) Love you, all of you (and I am not replying about size, but every one of your family....) :)
Ehlan said…
Good to hear from you! I too am jumping into spring full force and not looking back!

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