Sweet Emotion

I am a mess. Nothing new right?

Lately I have emotions that are too plentiful to keep in. Many of them!

They just keep coming.

Like 5 times in one trip to Costco!

And, no, I am not pregnant.

Just Thankful it seems.

Feeling blessed.

Because all of my tears seem to center around small things.

Small People!

Normal Every day small things.

Like these guys:

And this face:

And these amazing examples:

And one pretty amazing guy:

And another amazing, but smaller guy:

And there's that face again:

And a sweet look:

And days gone by:

Some great memories:

So I may seem down at times, but let me assure you.
I am not!
I may be relishing.
Or just plain tired from crying...
because these days, when I think about my life...
I am so blessed that these Sweet Emotions
just keep flowing!


Miss said…
hmmmm....I like that!

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