All four children and I are playing outdoors. The children are behaved and Lilly, the oldest, is being exceptionally kind, gentle and encouraging. She insists on helping her siblings at any time, coaxing them and encouraging them as any good mother would do. Betwixt her visits to the aid of the others she plops down next to me, several times, in her lounger and sighs....this is what ensues.
LILLY: "I was just helping Pearl get on the swing...and then she needed a push and her shoe fell off. So I just took care of it." (hands motioning each word!)
ME: "Thanks Lilly! You're being so helpful."
LILLY: "Yeah."
ME: "You will make a great Momma some day. Do you want to be a Momma some day?"
LILLY: "Yeah."
ME: "Do you ever pray to be a Momma?"
LILLY: "No, not right now. I am doing a lot of different things!"


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