Let Sleeping Babies Lye...

Every Other Day.
On Red Days.
I sneak in to our nursery.
I see this. And I creep Closer.
Listening to breath.
Sweet Baby Breath.
In and Out.
Until a glimmer appears.
She is waking.
Intentionally I am waking her.
Something I do NOT like to do.
But I must.
To pick up the eldest from School.
I must wake the youngest.


Shortly after this.

I get all smiles.

She is one happy baby!

Even when sleeping babies must be woken!


Anne said…
I love the expression!
raggedy ash said…
that girl....could she BE any cuter? i think not.

sweet, sweet pearly poo :)

Ash...it was because of your comment that I got locked into a "Friends" marathon last evening...leaving it on during work, dinner (at 9pm alone) and then to sit and watch til 1am before I headed to bed! Thanks a lot! But...in the interest of share and share a like...here is a trinket I got last night from Season 10!

"Don't be gone too long guys...you don't want to miss the cranberries! I mean...."Chan-berries"!".

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