Can't even begin....

Lilly: "What is that momma?"
Me: "It's a cemetery."
L: "What is it for?"
M: "That is where people are buried once they have died."
L: "Oh...Is Zachy there?"
M: "No Sweetheart. He is in a cemetery near our church."
L: "Oh" "Can we go there?"
M: "Sure Hunny. Maybe after rest time."

And being the great momma that I am...I fully intended that she would have forgotten about that little conversation by the time rest time was over.

Didn't Happen.

Due to the recent tragedies in our town regarding a fatal car crash that killed 6 people, the children have been asking many questions. A lot of which ended up going back to my Brother, Zach's, death.

The recent accident involved teenagers, driving past curfew and with possible alcohol.

In contrast my brother was killed in his early 20's and was not in any way intoxicated.

The similarity? Seat belts. Neither crashes victims' were wearing seat belts (this is alleged for now with the recent crash as the authorities are still investigating. But for the purposes of my children....they believe that they were not. Because in their minds...that is how people get killed in accidents).

L: "Can we paint pictures to put on Zachy's stone?"
M: "Absolutely hunny, and if you'd like you can pick some flowers."
L: "OK!"

And so after rest time, the paint came out. Pictures were painted with the intent of pasting them to the side of my brothers bench and the visit was slated to happen.

I'll go into more later...but let me just say this. The visit was harder than I thought. And the aftermath has been even worse. My Sweet eldest is affected immensely.


Miss said…
oh my gosh...I don't even know what to say except my heart was constricting for you

I am praying....
raggedy ash said…
we need an exact salad date now.

biggest, best, truest love possible on this earth.
Ehlan said…
So tough Alicia; may God give you much strength for yourself and your children as you make this journey.

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