Shoulder Burn, Broken Toes and running

I got sun burnt on ONE shoulder today! Believe me...I don't sit still for that long.

But, anyhow, that isn't what this post was intended to be about. Although...I do sometimes run according to how it might allow for a tiny bit of tan to enter my world. The days of laying out are loooooong gone and in order for this momma to get a tan I have to work it into normal daily activities!

I know, I know! The sun isn't good for your skin. I'm not pretending that it is. But I am saying that the sun, the vitamin D it produces, the facade it gives my skin is nice. It all around make me feel like a better person, a cuter person (which in turn is making me sound like a shallow person!), a person who enjoys the outdoors.

Oh Lawdy...I just did it again! Back to running...

Really, all this measly post had to say was that I have gotten to run 4 DAYS IN A ROW!

This is practically a record since say....last August!

But today's run was unusually much more interesting.

First, my sis Ash calls me and says:
Ash: "Hey, are you going for a run tonight?"
Me: "I can't, Scott is home late again and I don't have anyone lined up to come over."
Ash: "Well, here's the deal. I broke my toe last night."
Me: "HOW?"
Ash: "I fell down the stairs...and it was dramatic!"
yada yada yada as only Ashley and I can do...we went on and on and on...laughing all the way...
Ash: "So, since I can't really take Dolly for a walk (her dog), I was wondering if I came over to sit with the kids, if you might take her for a run?"
Me: "YEAH, I would love to."
Ash: "Are you sure?"
Me.....thinking...who's getting the short end of the stick here...NOT ME!

Anyhow...all that to say that my poor sis, with a broken toe, allowed me my FOURTH, record breaking, run tonight! Thanks Ash! Sorry about the Toe. Good luck with that!


raggedy ash said…
i'm so glad my sedentary state could yield such aerobic opportunity for you! :) thanks for your well wishes and for tiring my beautiful bulldog out! she slept like a rock (in her own bed) last night! happy bulldog, happy life.

big love, sister from the same mister.
Ehlan said…
Yes! maybe Ash can come and watch my kids.... :)
raggedy ash said…
ehlan - you should bring them over to my sister's house...once i stop at alicia's house, i'm sucked into a kid vortex that is near impossible to escape from, so you could just drop them off and i probably wouldn't even notice the difference. :)
Bridget said…
Sweet i'll drop Aidan off too....

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