This is how I roll...

OH yes I decided YESTERDAY that I would have a garage sale tomorrow through Saturday!

Why not? It's a cinch! Nothing really to do but plop a bunch of clothing and home decor on some tables right?

OK that's a total lie if you've never had a garage sale before. Set up is the most work!

But, because that's how I roll sometimes, I just up and decided that my weekend would be filled with many strangers walking into my yard and chatting with me and my family about their lives...oh yeah! And HOPEFULLY buying all of this:
Actually, it's more about me. When I decide I want to do literally doesn't leave my mind until I can check it off of my checklist. This is one of those things!
And....the bonus would be if this thing, helped me check the next thing off of my checklist! Some landscaping...that won't happen without a bit of extra dough!


Miss said…
like I said...ONLY you do this =)

I love it! I plan for like 3 weeks. I think this is a bit of a roll reversal for us, wouldn't you say? You are usually much better at planning than I am =)

How much did you make last night? $250?? more?? crazy! =)

I forgot to ask what landscaping you wanted to do!
Korey said…
B and I will be there right away this morning...can't wait! ;D
So great to see you Korey! It was kind of crazy should come back tomorrow and hope that we can actually chat! And make it later so it's warm enough to feel our mouths moving as we chat =)

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