This post was not in regards to any major scuffle between my beloved and I...however the advice is still applicable for all times. Thanks for that!!!

I cannot wait to share my thoughts on Scott's most recent and ongoing sabaticall. There are too many things and thoughts to share tonight..

In the context of my day today...I needed to ask:

How do you deal with a conflict?

How about when you feel you have dealt with it correctly?

Do you think it's possible to ALWAYS find a way you could have improved?

Just curious?!?!?!


Anne said…
Ummm - I'm still working on this concept...if you find an answer, let me know!
susan said…
Alicia, I haven't commented for ages.... but I have been reading. This conflict quandry has dragged me out!

It depends what conflict it is. If it's your young child I state my case, ignore the tears and then offer cuddles. I supply as much patience as I can muster.
My husband... I try to listen to him and understand where he is coming from. I then try to state my case.... we discuss what our options are and hope we agree. It usually works. Patience & respect.
Friends, I must admit I tend to stay quiet. I'd rather NOT rock their boat. If I really disagree I will say so and try to not come across as nasty.
If it's a person on the internet... well I've just had massive conflict in the last couple of days with someone i do not actually know. I've typed my piece, being very careful with wording and have vowed to be silent about it from now on. I've also blocked the person. I will never communicate with her again.

So there you go. I'm patient & very kind as much as I can be....... but I will not be walked all over. I know my own heart and I will follow it. Luckily, usually my husband & I agree, guess that's why we are married =)

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