Perfectly Paired

Scott and I that is!

For my birthday...he again latched to a statement I must have made months ago. It fits into his recent hand made gifts that he's been doing.

I had seen something like a magazine...but the other way. With the writing on the handle. He took it, put his own spin on it...and I love them.

My garden has become a joy of mine over the past 2 summers, that I can't quite explain. And, as many things in my life, I enjoy decorating or embellishing it!

So here they new garden markers that Scott made me for my 29th Birthday!


Miss said…
and they look even BETTER in person!!

you got a good one =) (in case you didn't know up until now! haha)
Those garden markers are amazing looking! In awe of your husband making them.

Thanks for tweet about our book--it drove quite a bit of traffic to our site.

Stay well.

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