10 cm and counting...

That's the size of one of the cysts taken out yesterday during my surgery (think full dilation for child birthing...that's the size!)!

I had signed consent for a number of things...and feel very blessed with the outcome. Unsure of what she would see once inside my abdomen, my Dr. wanted to be prepared in order to make this a 'one stop shop' to speak.

I had signed off for removal of any and ALL organs (meaning a full hysterectomy if needed). I had consented to a tubal.....which would mean no more babies, but knowing this would possibly reduce the risk of further massive cysts possibly by getting me off of Birth Control (which for some reason....seems to be not suppressing my cycle enough to prevent them). So...I had pretty much given her the go ahead to fix what needed fixing.

That she did...but Thankfully a couple of cysts needed removing and as far as the "Hissy" (hysterectomy in our home) goes...there was no need. I am so thankful for that! And to put it into perspective for all of you, I'd like to share a bit of the hilarity that comes to me from my dear Sis, Ashley, on a weekly basis.

This arrived, in the mail, today from her:


In our family, almost all things are dealt with best when using a dose of comedy!

In all seriousness I am recovering nicely, with my dear Husband at my side. I am so thankful for him being able to be home right now...he's such a great caretaker and father when I'm not fully available.

To come later...the A.MA.ZING Mothers day gift he and the kids fashioned! Remember the Valentines day gift?


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