What gives?

Here's what gives:

Am I running a full-time business all by myself?

Am I raising 4 children?

Am I attempting to keep up on my house whilst doing so?

Is my husband home for an extended period of time?

Am I trying to make the most of it and do far too many family activities/travels?

Are we looking to sell our house?

Are we looking to buy "the Farm"?

Are we looking at a new puppy?

Are we doing some home improvements?

Am I busy taking photos? KIDDING...this one is NO!

Did I have a surgical procedure that took some recovering?

Is my computer chronically ill?

Is the hard drive shot as we speak?

Did I forget to back up my personal photos and several other items?

Am I just having too darn much fun being out of doors 24/7 with my children?

Who by the way...are strictly unwilling to enter back through our house doors until sternly told at very late hours?

Who also assume that they should be able to exit those doors by 8am at the LATEST each morning?

Seriously...they belong...well actually i feel like WE belong back in the 50's! All together...on a farm...with no where to go and no one to see in particular!

So if you haven't guess it yet...the answer to all of these things is YES! And that's what gives!


Hilary said…
Wow! Your life is full and busy and blessed!

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