Stones too?

Cysts there are. We have confirmed Ultrasound technology in printouts to prove that.

But now Stones too? I spent my day yesterday...hungry and ornery. I was cranky b/c I am a planner. I was cranky b/c I was hungry. Ok...I was just plain 'ol cranky. All to find out about possible Kidney stones as well!

I made my 4th call (in 4 days!) to the radiologist to see when I could get in for a Radiology order my Doc wanted me to have...and finally someone answered and responded. She had to get back to me...and didn't. So I called 8:15am on Wednesday morning.

I had just dropped Lilly off at school.....OK WAIT...SIDE NOTE:

Who, by the way, finally....4 days from the end of her school year, decided she could walk the 30 feet from my car into her building without me! This meant that I just pull up, stop the car, get out, kiss her and say goodbye as I watch her tiny hiney walk into that huge school! It was crazy!


As I was saying...I just dropped Lilly off, called back and they told me they couldn't get me in until next week! EEEEEK WRONG!

What I haven't said is that I am scheduled for surgery Monday and the test need to be done and read before then!

So finally, they squeeze me in the next morning. Sighhhhh

I grab my last minute breakfast of a whole wheat mini bagel with a smudge of cream cheese, 2 pieces of ham and take a bite. Set it down...and as I pull my coffee mug with 1/2 & 1/2 and Splenda up to my lips she says..."Oh, but I hope you haven't eaten anything yet, because you need to fast for 24 hours!". Uhhhhh too late lady! This is where I start to get cranky.

I am not prepared. I hadn't mentally prepared for fasting...that means I probably won't do a workout...which means I'll be even more cranky!

So I says to the lady, "well, actually I am eating my breakfast right now and drinking coffee with cream in it (which is a BIG no-no during your fast!)". Silence...chirp chirp chirp

"Ok", she says,"I guess an extra 1/2 hour of eating won't hurt." And I say "well, just so you know, I am finishing my breakfast and drinking my coffee before I start this!". Again...silence!

So I did. And then, after I stopped at the clinic to see what this whole fasting thin involved...I see that it absolutely did not matter how much food I ate...because...sparing you the was ALL coming out before the next morning! ALL OF IT!

And it did...and I went to the Radiologist...had my first xrays of memory and there you are!

Now I head in on Monday morning for my first surgery of have a slew of things poked, prodded and possibly removed!

No hard feelings here...just glad to get something done to stop this constant issue!

So, if you're inclined...I go in at 9:30 on Monday...say a prayer would ya?


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