What have I gotten myself into? Why aren't any of you answering? very first half marathon is tomorrow morning bright.and.stinkin.early!
You may think my worry is about the know? The 13.1 miles and all! But in all honestly, I know I will finish...that is my finish! My Worry?
My worry is that I need to get my kiester out of bed before dawn to get myself prepared. You know...I should eat something, drink something (other than coffee or soda probably...blasted) and wear appropriate clothing and shoes. OH yes, and there's nursing a baby, getting clothing out for my MIL, Carol, to dress the children in when they beg, plead and cry to get outside at 7:45am! And then...just when you though my sulking was over...Then...I will hop in the car for a short hour long jaunt to the city where the run is! I will then hop excitedly out of my car, loosen up in minutes flat, and head on my way to a 13.1 mile high!

Ok...well now that I wrote that doesn't seem that bad. So...tomorrow morning I am all for it! I am all about running 13.1 miles and checking that first time goal off my "accomplishment" list.

Any pointers?


susanc said…
my DH only drinks coffee the morning of a marathon. The night before....pasta...the food of runners!
DRINK during the race....and have fun

Susan xx :):)
Hannah W said…
Eat a banana, drink some gatorade and have fun! Oh, and bring some vaseline incase you have any chaffing.
You are going to LOVE it!
Jazzy said…
You will do great!! I bet you will even pass Sara:)
I can't believe Jazz said that! (actually, I can!!)
Thanks for the nice comment, sometimes I feel so darn inadequate.
i wish it were easier!!
AJ and Miranda said…
So, how was it? I didn't get to see you yesterday.
Chris said…
How did it go Alicia?

Congrats on finishing...great accomplishment!

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