The Trees

UPDATE: The trees are being removed due in part to sewer and storm drain repair/replacements. Some of the trees would be damaged to the point that they would die anyhow, others are clearly too far in the way for the city to work around. The second reason is the installation of new sidewalks. (thank you jeni for your helping answer this question!) And the city is offering a replacement for each tree taken out...of course some of the trees being taken out are 50 years old or more...and they will be replaced with very small baby trees in comparison!

If you caught my Tweet from yesterday speaking of a terrible it is! These adorable pink ribbons indicate removal. Now let me begin.

I understand progress. I understand what it means. I like progress and all the conveniences it allows for my family and me. I ask for it at times, I request progress for the sake of my life and how it may benefit me.
Along with the understanding of what it means, I understand how it will affect me. Mostly, in all honestly, in a positive light. There are, however, a few things that I am not so fond of. A few things that not only affect me, but people (my children) for years to come. Things that affect beautiful, quaint in town neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that have amazingly quiet, tree lined streets.

For when I pull into my driveway after a day away, see pink ribbons everywhere and know exactly what that means, I cringe. My stomach churns and my eyes well up as I notice how many trees will be sacrificed for luxuries that I enjoy. Luxuries like paved sidewalks, trails and nice streets. These luxuries that my family and I use on a daily basis at times.

And to stab into the heart of the issue, I hear my daughter mumble something in the back seat. I am proclaiming, "Oh my goodness...look at all of those trees. They are cutting down all of those trees!". Lilly chimes in, with her sweet concern. "Mommy, it's just like in that book...that book...that book that we just read last night!". That book is "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss. If you haven't read it, you should. You'll see that the insight of a 4 year old tells it all...

Right now, this may not look like much. It may just look like a gathering of branches on a gloomy day. But rest assured, when the buds all bloom, and the sun begins to shine brightly through, this "gathering" will provide a beauty to this street. A beauty that screams of small-town USA...a quaintness that brings me back to the days of my childhood. It would provide shade galore and offer the beautiful sound of the breeze in the trees!

But this summer it will not be. It will not be for more reasons than one. For reasons of repair and reasons of progress. But nonetheless the reasons seem meek in the comparison of the loss.
Progress has won out this time, and will again I am sure.
But I would just like to state, for the record, that progress seems to have lost it's charm as it has hit my household and I.


oh no! That makes me sad.... I love trees. :)

Miss said…
I have a post planned about this VERY subject! They are the "pink ribbons of death" is what I say....


I also am so so so sad
Kristen said…
Why are they cutting them all down? I've been on your streets...those trees are fine! Are they infected or something?
jeni said…
Very sad indeed. To answer Kristen's question...they are updating sewer and storm drainage systems, so have to tear a huge portion of the street, which would irrepairably(real word?)damage the root systems of these trees, killing them anyway. They will offer home owners a choice of new trees to be planted to replace the ones that are lost, but they will have to be planted outside of the easement.
Sarah said…
Yay! So glad that they are offering replacement trees.

I hate seeing beautiful things get chopped down.
susanc said…
what a pity.....they look like such magnificent trees

susan :):)

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