LaLa Land

That is where I am this week! I have been surrounded by sickly babies and an extremely ill husband for some days now! I have taken care of more than I care to share. I also, have been working a number (like maybe the number 30 or something) of hours on our new little business venture. And Yes, I remember I said I would reveal soon...I will. I would just love to have the website up so that when you get so thrilled that you just want to order one for the next baby to arrive in your life, that you can! On top of that I am leading a bible study. Oh yeah and I am trying to get ready for my first half marathon, and having dinner with friends on Saturday, singing in church on Sunday all while cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, chauffeuring children to and fro, playing with babies, being with toddlers, talking with friends, attempting to get new furniture, ordering fabric, sewing, and oh...well a whole plethora of other things....which on their own? Not daunting at all....this week? It is sending me to LaLa land.
Thanks for visiting LaLa Land...hope to see you soon!!


Ehlan said…
No fun! I hope your house is filled with health soon and that you don't get sick. I am dying to know about your baby elephant ears and I hope my baby isn't too big to get one for by the time they are ready!!
Thanks for your encouragement too--while I would never want anyone else to suffer with naptime drama, I am glad to hear it isn't just my kids...because I seriously feel like it is sometimes!
Megan Marie said…
It's my frequent stop each day! You learn to love it, right?!
raggedy ash said…
sister, you are A-MAZ-ING. simply amazing. pillar of your family, brave sewing novice, dreamer of big beautiful business dreams, friendly voice on the other side of the phone almost every day, and immune beyond belief to the germs that surround you! keep on keepin' on, in your lovely and humble way. in the meantime, i'm proudly left in your dust.

ash <3

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