Father and Daughters

A month late, but photos and memories that will last a lifetime.
My older sis, Ash and I took my dad golfing for Father's Day, while Scott and Finn were at a separate course golfing as well. The 3 girls were at "the farm" making a craft project for Daddy and Papa with my mom.
We have all golfed before...however I have been pregnant for, what seems like, 5 years and have not had the opportunity (or arm reach!!) to golf during this time. Ashley has golfed a time or two and my dad is a seasoned golfer who gets out several times during the season.
We have golfed as an entire family before and it's been a blast.
But this day it was just the three of us...and we had a blast!
Ashley, in all of her 5' 11" glory, continued to come inches away from hitting her golf bag almost each time.
Obviously, this guys swing allowed a bit more distance than ours!

What? Sandals, a tank top and a skirt are not golf attire?! My grandpa would cringe at the site...but it was hot. And I wanted to get rid of some of my massive tan lines!

Get your hips into it Ash!

Look at those 2! They don't look alike at all right?!

Oh...yes...cannot forget this photo. In an effort to make sure you all know I am ridiculously weird sometimes I will share this photo. I thought it would be a great idea to take a photo of myself, golf bag and soda in hands, in the reflection of the truck!
BAD IDEA! For your sake...don't try it!


I love how youve got 2 sets of legs,haha and arent you supposed to wear plaid to golf:)

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