Baskets, Butts, Bowls and Baths

What a great week I've had. But today I felt myself being up to my chin in Baskets, Butts, Bowls and Baths.

The amount of laundry baskets I've been hauling up two flights of stairs these days is almost overwhelming. I'm keeping up...but that's it! With company and house guests I have extra bedding and bath linens to wash as well as the plethora of outdoor clothes that need to get washed. And ...because of the below mentioned Potty Training today I have several extra items again today. It kind of feels never ending...I just keep hoping I don't fall behind!

Yep, we're once again potty training in our home. So I'm wiping that little butt several times a day. Pearl is a little bit late compared to the other children...but has had not one ounce of interest. I know I know..."wait until she's ready or you'll fail". I know this to be true...but there is just a tiny part of me that knows Pearl enough to know that she may not be ready any time soon without a little push on the tush! So today...I pushed. I set it up last her geared up and excited using the highest voice and a large number of positive mentions. It worked. She put her underwear on today with no hesitation...she even went about 1 for 1 all day (1 pee in the toilet to one pee in the pants). She was a sport for sure. The children don't have school this I thought this would be as opportune week as "2 a days" trips to school. I'll let you know who pulls out ahead....

Bowls, Bowls and more bowls...full of beautiful Farm Fresh Eggs! Our hens began laying several weeks ago and are now up to approx. 2 DOZEN colorful eggs a day! They are so scrumptious and healthy...but they are now filling up our refrigerator by the bowl full. So, if you're in the area and you'd value some all natural Farm Fresh Eggs...give me a call or email! $2/dozen...and heck...i might even deliver in a bowl!

I don't know if it's the temperature or the time...but my children can't get enough Baths. Which...again...lends itself to issue number one, Baskets! They have been known in the recent weeks to take upwards of 4 baths a day. They play, they wash....they occupy themselves. I'm willing to increase my laundry to increase my sanity sometimes...or a lot of times.

Anyhow...Merry Christmas!


Anne said…
curious as to how you potty train? just put undies on?

Yep. I keep it simple. I offer a treat (or bandaid) for successfull attempts and just start wearing undies. I still do diapers at night until we're a couple of weeks in...then I switch to undies at night and suffer for a couple of nights until they get the hang of it.

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