Home Update

Oh this table...now holds my Christmas decor (errr...sled)!
The kitchen hasn't changed much since we moved in. Eventually it will be the room with the most work...but for now it works just fine~

I don't think I ever showed this. The shoe rack that my dad built in to help eleviate the mass chaos that is standard in an entry way.

The Family room has changed a bit. As I have tweeted about...we have TV now. Which apparently meant that we needed a new TV. I didn't ask questions.

The room leading into the Family room has changed a bit...it's now pretty much the children's space. Their art table and supplies and toys. It works well!

A table and cabinet as you walk into the Family room. A bit more seating...homework table...game table...laptop desk.

Did I show you the phone booth? This phone booth was given to my dad over 15 years ago. Consequentially, they built it into the house! I used to spend a lot of time talking inside of it...it used to have a door!
And we've mounted our chalkboard from our old house...in place of a different chalkboard!
It's really feeling like OUR home now!


Bridget said…
that looks awesome! Good thing your dad is so handy :)
Ehlan said…
Looks great! Very cozy! I'd love to see pics of the kids rooms when they are done!
Arley & Miranda said…
Alicia, wow! Do you know where or who made the chair you have at the stove end of your table? Hope we can come see you and the house after the baby comes! I was going to do the ruth study at your moms and then didn't because of another baby making its way into the world, so I have actually never been there!

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