On Sarah Palin's Alaska

.....Deep Sigh....This is NOT a political post!!!

It is however a post about the show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" and the episode that aired last evening. The premise was that the Gosselin children and Kate would join the Palin clan on a little camping in Alaska! The Gosselin's were there anyhow, enjoying a little vacation and it was thought a good idea to invite them along on a little camping!


Watching this show was almost painful. I had DVR'd it (oh yes...I have this fantastic technology now!) and watched it while Scott was playing hockey. From a person who reveled in the show that once was "John & Kate Plus 8" I was horrified by the woman who Kate seemed to portray. I am not taking person shots...as it was just a show....and that's the only way I have ever 'known' that family. However, I think there some fairly telling moments in that show that made me sad.

I was saddened for the children of Kate, who had to endure a whining, tantrum throwin, boring, stick in the mud of a mother who would not enjoy anything. Whilst the children ran around blowing bubble, fishing, playing with rocks and enjoying the time....Kate crossed her arms and judged those around her with those cross eyes of hers...as if there was something wrong with that type of fun.

I just kept thinking to myself..."Come on Kate snap out of it!"...or "Enjoy it for the kids for goodness sake!"...or finally, "You know...you're going to be the reason that hey have the same piss poor attitude some day!".

Ok...so maybe that was a bit judgemental, but I just continued to think of the amount of that bad attitude that was rubbing off on the children each an every moment. All the way to the end when she up and QUIT the camping trip. The children wanted to stay...and she rather guilted them into leaving.

BUMMER! It made me sad...sad for the fact that this was the way she was filmed...maybe it's really not her? Or maybe it is.....and then I'm sad that those children are being pushed and pulled around as if their lives are just an accessory to this episode in Kate's life.

WOW..that went farther than I wanted...but let's just face it...so did KATE!


Anne said…
Right there with ya - I am hoping/praying that Kate isn't showing her true colors for the kid's sake. :( It's sad when you think about it... Sarah should have said - we'll keep the kids - you go. :)

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