Joy Neverending

I feel like these days Joy abounds in my life...Thank the Lord!
I write this as I sit, in our home with a blazing fire in front of me. It's quiet with children asleep upstairs and my husband away playing his Championship Hockey Game!
This past weekend has been a whirlwind, but I want to focus on my husband for a moment. I don't do this a lot. I don't talk specifically about him and his life, but this deserves a moment or two.
Another thing I try not to focus attention on too often is the amount of hard work he does for his family. The reason I don't focus on this is because it's tough to. He works a lot for his full time job. A lot. But he has a focusing on the amount is not productive...and honestly it's tough to think about. But...the other 'job' he has had for the past 18 months has taken even more time away. On top of his sometimes 65 - 70 hour weeks he has been attending college full time.
He's been participating in a "focus" program which allows him to do approximately 2-4 hours of homework each day, but only attend a 4 hour class one time a week. He's been diligently working for his Bachelors Degree. And on Friday we were able to see that to completion.
The children, my mom and Scott's mom attended his Ceremony and watched him walk the stage to receive his Diploma! It was an amazing feeling. I was truly proud of him...
His accomplishment was not only extremely difficult to achieve for any person, but also a full time working adult who has four children less than 4 years apart!
The children got to see their Dad achieve a goal that if led, they may feel the desire to achieve as well.
We then threw a surprise party for him today! We planned skating on the hockey rink at my parents lake house and a lot of food and friends! It was a much so that I forgot to take any photos of the 10 plus children ice skating and the hours upon hours that Scott spent playing hockey with Finn!
It was great to celebrate such an achievement at such a great time of year....the day closed with this sunset. A photo that explained the feeling my heart was feeling.
Congratulations Scott!


Arley & Miranda said…
Yea Scott! Tell him we are proud of him too. I love that you are feeling some peace lately, and thanks for reminding me yet again that I haven't been on my computer to blog in over a month. LYa
Korey said…
How wonderful for all of you and WAY TO GO SCOTT! Sounds like a great weekend of family and friends, just what the holidays are all about. Merry Christmas to you all :D
Bridget said…
What a great picture of all of you! Congrats to Scott for finishing school! Good for him! I hope you guys have a great christmas and a wonderful new years!!!
Katie said…
That is awesome! Good for you, Scott! And I am sure he couldn't have done it without your support either Alicia! You guys are a great team and your kids are blessed! Congratulations to both of you for your commitment and dedication to making dreams come true, this is a priceless lesson for your kids and generations to come. God Bless:)

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