Tooth Fairy part deux

After many days of asking me to pull her other tooth. Lilly has lost her 2nd tooth. The bottom pair of teeth in front are now missing...which hasn't slowed her down a bit.

First of all...I'll have you know that for days she would ask me to pull her tooth and then back out. She then starting writing notes to me asking me to pull it out. And finally...she created small circle cards that stated "YES" and "NO"...she would approach me and say "Momma, guess if I want you to pull my tooth out?"...and then point to her hands which held the small circles with her answer on it.

Honestly? I got a bit tired of it...but kept my cool until 2 nights ago. She asked again...I told her, "Lilly, I would love to pull your tooth out, but there is NO backing out this time ok?"....she acted sure and excited!

The time came...and an hour later we had not done it.

Buuuuut, as fate would have it...the next day she chose her apple for her snack and POP! The tooth came out! She didn't even tell me right away, but then pulled out this tiny treasure chest from the school nurse that held her tiny tooth.

To tell you the truth...I'm rather glad that happened and I didn't have to go through another night of tug-o-war about tooth pulling!

Either reminds me that she's growing up which is something I'm not altogether excited about. But what a great girl! A toothless wonder as I call her!


Kristin said…
Our Gabriel lost 7 teeth over the course of late last spring and this summer. Each time he would let it dangle...too afraid of letting mt pull it but complaining that it hurt all the time. And each time I would pull one out he usually didn't even realize it until after it was over! I think we are at a stopping point for awhile now and I am glad too! :)
Becca said…
that cracks me up. Eva has a really wiggly one too, and though she hasn't asked me to help her get it out, her approach will be the same. Write a note. Play a "guess which hand" game, hem and haw, deliberate, finally back out, next day write another note. Little girls are too funny!
Ehlan said…
I'm not sure I will have the guts to pull a tooth out... it gives me the creepies!

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