As a woman, friendship is vital to my being. As an extrovert it means even more to have friends who I can talk to and be with. Since I can remember I have struggled with the issue of wanting many friends, but not knowing how to foster all of those relationships at the same time. In high school I knew so many people, but had a hard time really plugging in to more than a couple of close friends at a time. It's just part of who I need to really go to that deep level with someone.
As I've grown older, this has followed me, but I have learned that for me...this is a strength. It's a strength because when I really am able to get into that relationship...they last forever! I have several friends who I have had for over 13 years. Friends with whom I am as comfortable as I am with my own family. this stage in life girlfriends are becoming more and more important. I began the whole "family" thing a lot sooner than most of my friends. My life changed a bit sooner than most of my friends and so naturally, so did some of those friendships. But, the beautiful thing is, that now many are following suit and have began their own families and I am now finding them smack in the middle of the same stuff I go through each day!
What a know that there are so many like myself! Several who reach out to me as I them for this beautiful bond of friendship.
The Problem? I feel like most times I don't have the time to plug into those friends who I've had for over a do I find time to foster and build new ones?

How do you guys deal with this?


Bridget said…
what about friends you've had for over 2 decades :)

Im no help here because i too feel the same way!
Sorry Bridget....certainly have a few that are as "old" of friends as you too! Believe me...I didn't forget you!

Glad to know I'm not alone!

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