Grossly outnumbered!

That's right...Scott and I feel grossly outnumbered today.

Here's the scene:
This afternoon we all piled into my sister Euro (or Churro as my children say) Van and headed out to look at a vehicle to replace the totalled Suburban I rolled last Saturday.

It's sunny, beautiful and the children are in wonderfully behaved form.

We take them out to eat...just about as rare as having to buy a vehicle for us.

On the way home...we decide to stop and wash and fill the van before returning it to my sister.

Scott walked in to pay and walked out with a small treat for he and I to share. The children had already had a desert at the restaurant...and he thought we could get away with sharing something for just the two of us.

So he opened the ice cream Snickers and we started to dig in....and soon...before we even had a chance to respond to their first request for a taste....

We had 4 children began slow and low and grew to a loud, robust chant....


Scott initially replied with a negative over and over...until he left it up to me...and as the wonderful mother that I am..shared with each one of them!

It was an interesting moment in which we realized what a power they have to team up against us!


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