Yesterday...sweet yesterday. Yesterday was the day that this illness broke. I literally could feel that it was the day I would begin to feel better....and lo and behold I am! Sweet, sweet day! sister decided she and Jessie wanted to take all 4 children overnight! They're practicing big time for the day when they have thier own. The say the least were completely ecstatic! Ash and Jessie just got new bunk of course it was like a party. Anyhow...they all packed bags, including Goldfish crackers they each picked out, and off they went in the Churro Van (that's a Euro Van to the rest of us...but the kids...they call it the Churro Van).

Needless to's just Scott and I tonight. They kids left...we sat and talked for about an hour and he went to workout while I went to change into my sweats. See...I had actually gotten "ready" today...for literally the 3rd time in 2 weeks!!!! So I walked upstairs and passed 2 empty bedrooms...4 beds empty. No special stuffed animal or blanket...empty! I'm lonely. I miss them.

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and really enjoy being with him. I just really enjoy a life full of babies, noise, cries, whines, loves, hugs, smooches and craziness. Although I fully realize that someday we will not have 4 babies who are less than 4 years apart...and we will need to still know eachother. So I guess that's my clue to go spend time with him!

An evening this week we had some friends over...the best part? At dinner the massive kitchen table we have was chalk full of children! 9 of them to be exact! It was so once point it was very quiet and I looked at my friend and said "I love this picture!".

That's it. I can't focus!


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