My life is over as we know it!

Alternately titled: Lilly is growing up way to fast!

Phone Rings
Alicia Answers: "Hello."
On the other end is a meek voice: "Is Lilly there?"
I reply, "Uhhhh sure. Can I ask who this is?". "This is her friend Emma."
Stammering again, "uh oh ok moment.".

I call for Lilly and notify her that she'll have only one minute on the timer to finish up this conversation...I was not prepared. Scott and I hadn't even discussed phone privileges. I didn't even know she knew our number...the number that happens to be my cell phone...which also happens to be my business phone. Inner voice - "What? I can't have little girls and boys calling my phone with giggles and 101 questions all the time!".

Lilly grabs the phone...completely awkwardly. She held it away from her face...almost near her mouth. A part of me was proud...proud that she really has no idea how to do this. I know...weird! Lilly says "Hello?". Emma must have replied with some sort of invitation to a sleepover. You heard me. You thought the phone call is what is causing my life to end...and although that feels just as severe, the overnight invitation was enough to knock me over!

Furthermore...Lilly responds, "Yeah sure. That would be fine!!". I calmly cut her off to inject my opinion and rules...again I am totally unprepared. Lilly has had one sleepover aside from immediate family. It was across the street and with someone I had known for over a decade of my life. Believe you me, that was not even easy. And now? Now there's an invitation to someones house whom I don't know, who I have no idea where they even live and have never even acquainted myself with! My brain was ready to implode due to the confusion swirling in my head at that moment. I digress...I cut her off to say in a light voice, "Lilly, did she just invite you to something?". Lilly says, "Yeah, we talked about it at school and I found your number on the inside of my coat so I gave it to her! I knew that was it so I just wrote it down for her!". Smart, smart girl. I again whisper to her, "Ok Lilly, can I talk to Emma?".

I then got on the phone and let Emma know that Lilly's dad and I would need to talk a bit before Lilly could say "yes" to something like that...if she in fact could ever say yes, and that we would call her back on Monday.

As I hung up the phone Lilly said, "That was awesome. I gave her my number and I didn't even know she was calling today!".

WOW! Hands shaking...smiling with nervous energy...I get down on the floor and ask Lilly to come over. I begin hugging her...and then I hold her firmly by her shoulders and say, "STOP growing up!!!".

Well, that wasn't all I said. I also said, "Lilly, I can't tell you that you can spend the night at Emma's house hunny, but I can tell you that daddy and I will talk it over. We'll talk about what might be a good option. Maybe Emma would want to have a play date here instead? Maybe she could just stay late?".

The look in Lilly's face and the bounce in her step since is odd. She is like a giddy little girl waiting for a piece of candy. How do I break her heart. She will not be spending the night at someones house this week that I do not know. Period. Not because I'm a prude or because I don't want her to have fun. But simply...because I don't feel good about it. Am I a prude? I don't think I am. I was given a job with these sweet babes...I'll focus on the task at hand. Whatever.....I don't know what I'm doing anymore. This whole thing has thrown me for a I said...this is the end of life as I know it!!!


Korey said…
First off...I have tears in my eyes for you and your grown up little girlie right now! (Stupid pregnancy hormones ;D) your instincts. I would start off with the playdate and invite the parent(s) over first to get to know them. I'm so glad that I get to "learn" from others on this mom journey...I so do not know what I would have done in the situation as it was happening to me either!
Becca said…
Eva had her first sleepover almost a year ago (she hadn't even turned 5)! If they weren't good friends of ours, I would have said no. As it was, it totally made Eva crazy and "too big for her britches" for at least a month. I stayed until 10:30 when the girls went to sleep (ha ha), but still I was uneasy about it. We'll be saying no to sleepovers with school friends for quite a while though. There's just too much wierd stuff out there to get into.

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