The state of Hockey

My husbands favorite pastime since the age of 4 is hockey. Subsequently, this too has become a favorite pastime of more than one of our children. Although none of the children are in an organized group yet, they love the game!
Scott plays at least once a week and has since I met him.
However, the last several years his leagues have gotten later and later at night....most nights his games aren't until 10pm or later.
Needless to say we don't go watch all that often.

This week his game was moved to an earlier time and the kids were incredibly excited to go see "daddy" play hockey. As you can see Finn was probably the most excited!

It was a good game...I learned some things! I have been surrounded by hockey my entire life as my little brother played during his youth as well and somehow...well...I thought there were 4 periods! I think it has something to do with the fact that the scoreboard always has 4 "period" lights on it...well this week I learned Hockey only has 3 periods!
Good to know!
The game was at a really nice indoor rink that is hardly that the children enjoyed taking their hats and mittens (and sometimes coat) off to enjoy the game!

They watched with great anticipation and cheered "daddy" on like perfect little cheerleaders! There weren't many fans, but the fans that were there were definitely entertained!

The two bigs donned various hockey jerseys for the event! We must be appropriately dressed.
It was great. To see him play, to see the children love it and just to experience one more even that makes me realize how our life is changing as we all grow!


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