It's totally awesome...that you're like 34 Jessie!

This is a Narwahl. Welcome to the North Star Roller Girls bout this past weekend.

We headed to the convention center as an entire family to Surprise Auntie Jessie for her 34th Birthday festivities. We like totally got into character and tried to dress the part! Complete with OP neon shorts over leggings, bows and side pony's, cut off sweatshirts and "Frankie Say Relax" t-shirt.
Oh yeah...did I forget to mention a fur vest and fingerless gloves...
And who could forget the HIGH BANGS and hoop earrings!
We made sure to arrive early...and man, let me tell you what an awesome time it was. For all of us...they totally had things to do! As if watching girls skate around a oval and smash one another wasn't enough =)
Nice hair Finn...who are you talking to anyway! Hang up that phone!
Spandex never lies ladies...and in this case I guess it's telling a pretty good story!
We ate burgers and fries while we watched portions of the bout.
The poor unsuspecting souls who decided to sit BEHIND the very last row...why would you do that to yourself?
Oh yeah...they had FREE balloon creations! That's Pearl...stabbing Laura in the face...because yeah, I guess we let our kids do that kind of thing from time to time!
Singing 80's tunes to Pearl! As usual Jessie is in full on pearl-hypnosis!
In between the two sets of bouts, there was a live band and we were encouraged to come to the floor and dance. You know us...we can't resist a family dance opportunity! And...with a band named "Sweet Stache", who could resist!
This little piece of heaven, Landon, joined the party too!
This is literally...the dancin' queen!
Just another example of how fun something can be if you dress up! How i wish holes in my shirt were flattering (sigh).
Fish net half those words even make sense together!?!?!?
Ridin' the pony!
What an adorable sis I have...Ash you're gorgeous!
It was at this point...that I began to realize, even though there were a good 150 - 200 people on the huge floor...there were still approximately 1500 people still in the stands. Watching. Staring. Judging. Photographing. Ok...probably not all of those things, but lets just say my awareness caused a bit of confusion in my brain. Do I dance? Don't I?
And to top all of that action off...who doesn't want an awesome twist cone to share with a sibling?
And the dress up award goes to......this guy! Oh yeah! That's you!
What you can't see that his shirt says "Frankie Say Relax". 1984 called...and they love your shirt!

You see....this is the one I will regret tomorrow. I was strategically attempting to raise my chin to avoid any "double chin" looks. It just looks freaky and wierd...but my little munchkin looks a-do-rable as here it is!
And just to remember that I should never wear a cut off sweatshirt and high bangs again..I shamefully post this photo. So be it.
But I have to say, we had a blast. All 6 of us and the 100 other friends and family that were there. The kids held it out til the end as usual and passed out in the car at about 10:30.

Jessie, thanks for inviting us to be a part of your day. It was awesome!


raggedy ash said…
What a blast indeed!!!! Sister, walking in to see you at the rollergirls was such an awesome surprise :) an d you captured it perfectly. We can't wait to see what this next year brings and couldn't be happier that we have the best family on earth by our side.


<3 ash <3

P.s. we have the same teeth!

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