Things I do NOT heart

Vehicles. That's number one on my list today. Why you ask (or maybe you didn't...cause that whole statement sounds rather..umm...boring!)?

1) 10 Days ago I rolled my Suburban..totalling it..and then trying to tirelessly find another one that was a. within our price range b. in somewhat good shape c. a good deal. Leaving my husband at the brink we finally found one!

2) While traveling home late on Monday evening....during an ice/snow storm (or a "blizaster" as some may say), elated from the fact that he had just purchased a vehicle to replace the suburban, Scott's noticed a vehicle in the ditch and slowed down...then noticed power lines that seemed to be coming towards his car on the left...and then were scraping the top of his car. And then WHAM!!! The pole that belonged to those power lines was hanging in front of his car...and he hit it...and it rolled over the top of his car! Did I mention that these lines were LIVE!!! and they were now touching all over his car! His wrecked car!

-Side note: Aside from the bummer this was a blessing in so many ways! We are both completely un-harmed! We both feel blessed that we are ABLE to get another vehicle! We are so grateful that Scott wasn't driving the newly purchased he almost brought that home and left his car that night! So many blessings....again...SO TAKEN CARE OF!

3) Scott now has a rental car and I actually have a vehicle! As we traveled for over 5 hours yesterday just to get to buffalo and back...through the horrible roads and weather, we also then drove back to Princeton to get his rental car once we had come home. Mind you, our driveway currently has approximately 12 inches of sugary snow on it....They gave him a Toyota Camry! FAT CHANCE!

4) This morning we spent approximately 2 1/2 hours attempting to get said Camry out of said driveway...only to FAIL! And...even better you can't even pull it out with say...a suburban..because there is no where to attach a tow strap! AT ALL! What a fantastic car (said with complete sarcasm)!

I do not heart vehicles! Horse and buggy anyone!


Ehlan said…
Yuck! Glad you are all okay. I hate care stress too. What vehicle did you get!?!

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