But mom, my brain has the idea!

After some very long working days recently, the sunshine pulled me away and beckoned me to spend some needed time with my children out doors. Today, what a treat, I had only the two "bigs" as my mom had taken the littles for a sleepover. We all donned our swimsuits. Lilly and I looked at a fashion magazine and then I played ball with Finn for over an hour. I walked inside to start dinner and came out to Finn throwing a nice big rock in our pond (man made with a pump and what not). This is a no-no around here so I scolded him as needed. He then took a brief time out...only to continue almost mindlessly while in his time out only 5 feet from said pond. I called him to me and spoke clearly to him about the consequences he will recieve if he doesn't stop. This is what followed.

me: Finn, you may not throw rocks in, at or around the pond. Wait...let's just say You may Not Throw Rocks!

finn: But mom it's just in my brain to do it.

me: You still have a choice. Sometimes we think of things to do but we can't. Make the wise choice finn.

finn: No, mom (frustrated), there's a picture in my brain of the rocks. My brain has the idea to do it!

me: (grinning and trying not to chuckle) I know bud, but then it's your choice to throw them and do what you're thinking. You need to think about that choice and then change it.

finn: (Very frustrated) Mom it's like the rocks tell me to and my brain shows me how! There's a picture of it in my brain.

At first this whole conversation threw me for a loop. And then it made me think of how smart it was that he could articulate exactly what was happening and why he felt the need to do it. Not right! Consequences followed of course, but interesting convo with my 5 year old for sure!


jcdawn said…
Aw! This is excellent. Great story, Alicia. :)

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