The Fantastic 4 - and I don't mean my own!

Do you remember back when I said that a certain day was great for 3 reasons? Do you also remember that I didn't say what the third was?

Well this is it!
That day, April 29th, was the day that Ashley and Jessie told us that they had been selected to raise these 4 fantastic children!
My sister is going to be a Momma!!!
These amazing children above....oh yes...CHILDREN...count them....4, are now the sweet children of my sister and her partner!

They will fit nicely in line with my own 4 and we cannot wait to show them all of the love that we have to show!

This process has been longer than anticipated and more emotional than imagined, but it's here! The light at the end of that tunnel is here!

I am beyond excited to be an Ani (said like "Auntie" but without the "t") and my children are over joyed to have cousins their own age.

Well, it's 1:30 am and I can barely focus with these tired and smiley eyes...but for now I just couldn't wait one more minute to tell you!


Bridget said…
SO SO Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Ehlan said…
Wonderful! Many congratulations to your entire family!
Shawn Johnson said…
So excited to spend some time with the Crazy 8 & all the parents!!! Your family is the bestest!

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