"it must have been because of the wind buddy!"

We're 2 for 2 now with both of the oldest children. Finn lost his 2nd tooth yesterday on account of an apple. Man those apples...they always seem to getcha!

So as he should, he put his little snaggly tooth under his pillow in the "small things" wooden box in preparation for the tooth fairy.

So as Finn entered the scene just now, coming down from his bedroom with a soft cry in his voice I felt my heart sink. I knew what had been done...or not done for that matter.

I failed.

I said, "What's wrong buddy?". He replied with sniffles, "The tooth fairy didn't take my tooth!".
"It must have been because of the wind buddy. Do you see how windy it is? Maybe it was the rain too?", I said.

My heart hurts thinking about how foolish I was to have forgotten.

UGH...not the best start to my morning! He has recovered of course...but I think I may be more damaged!


Katie said…
aww! i don't even remember if i felt bad the first time. the tooth fairy has never been very successful. maybe that's why i didn't feel so bad to fire her. santa on the other hand...well he was a little harder to fess up about. the wind is a great story though:) don't beat yourself up...you are a great mom!!
Young Schumom said…
I will have to remember that, if I... I mean our tooth fairy ever forgets to come visit our home.
Becca said…
the tooth fairy has forgotten at our house. And the tears come too! Eric always has a good line and a funny face to make it all better though. And of course, she never forgets the second night :)!

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