There are two things.

There are two things I can't believe!
1) I can't believe my first baby is a full 7 years old.
2) I can't believe how much fun we have at birthday parties...a lot of birthday parties!

We have kind of a tradition to do a pinata. The kids love's more fun than "treat bags" and it's fun to watch!
I think Lilly liked watching too!
Finn is, of course, typically the big hitter. We send him in when it's taking far too long and we need that darn thing to get busted up! He does a fine job.

Lilly, being 7, now loves chapter books. We bought her the first chapter book she has for her birthday. She was walking around reading her new sweatshirt...and new shorts.
And what would a birthday party be without a few games!
Do you recognize any of these?
Scott rocked out the "Minute to Win It" games, including the theme music and Blue prints.
The best part of that...everyone played. Not just the kids!
This was the first party that Lilly was able to invite a school friend. Her and Emma had a blast. As you can tell from their 7 year old silly faces.
And even though the weather didn't allow, she wanted a beach themed party. So the night before, Scott and I baked and decorated her cake together. We had so much fun!
She Loved it!
So again, Happy Birthday Babe!


how much funa are pinatas!!and love that cake!

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