Food, Finatics and fighting it

But just to start...I'll tell you I have major butterflies in my stomach. The kind that are nervous and excited all at once. They may be a little more nervous if you ask me.

Why, you ask?

As I type I am syncing my phone to my iTunes add a bit more spunk, some new inspiration...because Lord knows I'll need it.

Running season is's's now. I've got to jump in feet first and just get wet to know that I love it again.

So I'm prepping...right now. Scott is off with the children doing their own prep work (can anyone guess what for? Mothers day maybe?) so I figured it's only fitting for me to take this opportunity.

So I've added songs like Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and Britney's "Till the World Ends" hoping these provide just the right kick in the pants to keep me moving.

I've been focusing more on the "food" aspect of my health for a couple of weeks...that's all I could take on at once. Thoughts of my body running made me a bit I'm baby stepping it. A bigger story on that later.

Right now...I'm off!

Wish me luck all!


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