4, 3, 2, 1

(this is dinner tonight for her Birthday...out on the patio)

That is what we had for a few short weeks...a 4 yr. old, a 3 yr. old, a 2 yr. old and a 1 yr. old. But today, that 4 yr. old turns 5!

It was five years ago that we were preparing to have our first baby 2 weeks ahead of schedule. My pregnancy was wonderful, stirring in me my, now constant, desire for all things pregnancy and childbearing. She helped me to gain a whopping 72lbs during her short stay in my womb. She gave me freedom to exhale and allow my stomach to protrude in an acceptable way for the first time in my life...what's more? It was an amazing testament to the miracle of life.

This...the 13th of May began within the wee hours of the morning. I had just come off of 2 weeks of bedrest as my body had decided to prepare for delivery a bit too early (which now, 4 babes later, we have learned is just what.it.does typically not producing any results until 2 weeks pre until 2 weeks post due date). I had returned to my workplace for one day of work, had a pedicure (yes...they knew I was pregnant and they did it safely!) and headed home to care for my ever expanding waist line. I felt fairly normal that evening, the 12th.
But was awoke early on the 13th with a bit of pain and had a feeling that this was it. I showered at 4:45am, tried to relax and see what would happen. By the time my husband awoke at 6:30am we knew he would need to call in to work and I proceeded to do the same.

It was a long day of waiting and wondering....the unknown. How horrible it was just to have no.clue.in.the.world how this was going to happen!

It took most of the day, a million phone calls from caring friends and family, and miles walked in our neighborhood before heading to the clinic produced an admission.

However, once I was there things flew by quickly. Within 6 hours of admission we had welcomed my sweet baby girl Lilly Hope into the world. A short 20 minutes of pushing produced a result that I couldn't even bear in my heart. She did exactly what the "who's" did to the Grinch on Christmas. She caused my heart to grow 3 sizes and felt as though it would burst out of my chest!

Her arrival was calm, serene and subdued. She came into this world as beautiful and particular as she is today.

She was by far our smallest pixie at 7lbs 7oz!
Lilly, today you are still my baby. In my heart I will always see my baby, but you are growing up so quickly. As with your brother and sisters I had a couple of words to describe you when you were born that still fit you like a glove today. That, the 13th of May 2004, your soul showed me it's independent spirit. It also showed me your caring heart...a caretaker by nature.

These are things that so describe you today. You have become my wonderful help. You, in the past weeks, have even begun asking (well..begging actually) to put your little sisters diapers on and help put her for her naps. You do an amazing job! Lilly...I cannot imagine a child better suited for this family. You and your brother play as if there will never be another rowdy play session again, as if to not miss the vigor of even one second. Sylvi prefers to emulate you and observe a good portion of the time; taking in all of your ever.so.cleverly.presented teachings. Our sweet baby Pearl adores you and you her. You ability to drop to your knees, get to her eye level, and speak with such love and caring to her is amazing. She smiles at your presence!

Happy Birthday Lilly, We love you!


Ehlan said…
beautiful! Happy Birthday Lilly!

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