Ramblings of a 3 year old.

SCENE: Scott, Alicia, Sylvi & Finn in the kitchen while Baby Pearl and Lilly sleep in the next room. Finn excitedly throwing a ball. Scott and Alicia attempting somewhat of a conversation. Sylvi watching, as she always does, observantly.

Alicia: (snuggled into Scott as he stands against the countertop)....bla bla bla bla...something about nothing...blab blab blab

Finn: "Daddy catch!"

Scott: (looking over Alicia's shoulder at Finn) "Finn throw it here!" (catches the ball and tosses it back and forth several times over Alicia's shoulders)

Alicia: Leaning in, continuing to dote on her husband...kissing him affectionately in between words.

Finn: "Daddy, DADDY....catch this!"

Scott: (Catches the ball again) "Here Finn...just be patient." (throwing the ball back)

Alicia: (more kissing...doting...snuggling)

Finn: (grumbling) "Aaaahhhhg.....just.....STOP......KISSING!"


Ehlan said…
hee hee that's great!

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