A Birthday Celebration or Two!

The months of April through June are jam packed, for us, with birthdays, anniversaries and gifting holidays. So this past weekend we decided to celebrate two of those birthdays at once. Pearl and Lilly have birthdays a bit over 2 weeks apart. This past Saturday we had a party for both...I mean come on!...Pearl was One..she wouldn't even notice she had to share the spotlight!

We invited a couple of friends this year, which was a first. We have only had family in the past, but decided that for Lilly, having friends might be a blast!

I prepared a brunch of Breakfast Burritos, Salsa, Chips, Fruit and Pastries. Of course we also had juice, coffee, water and cake! After we finished eating we all made our way outside to a surprise pinata! It was bit chilly; too chilly to have the entire party outside, but not so cold that we couldn't hang out for a bit and hit the pinata!
There were around 11 children 6 and under...and they really enjoyed this portion of the party.However, the portion where the one child opens gifts was a bit different. With 11 children under 6 years of age....the understanding of gift giving and generosity isn't as clear. And...for the record...my son! The 3 year old was the worst!But after gifts had been opened by both Lilly and Pearl we got to the real party! THE CAKE (can you tell I looove cake!). Candles were blown out. Fingers were swiping frosting. Babies were making messes! It was all good!
Then today Scott had a birthday. But....I have a confession. For the first time in memory I was completely unprepared. I had no card, I had no party planned, I had no gift purchased. I was unprepared. Adding to this I was caring for an extra child today and could not go complete any of these undone tasks. So..in my haste...I arranged a short date tonight and a card. Gifts will have to wait, but our time having a desert and drink were well worth it. Sure it wasn't until after 9:00pm, and we could only stay out about an hour, but it was ALONE! This...aloneness...is worth 4 gifts to my husband. So...maybe he'll forgive me for the non gifting I did today!

Happy Birthday!


Miss said…
I love the pinata pic of Lilly!! Perfect expression!

And Finn pouting...GREAT pouting lips he has!
AJ and Miranda said…
I got the cake made... of course I had to wait until Arley got home to go get some frosting for his "suprise" cake.... I suppose I could've called and had him bring some home :) hehe

Love the gas book.
Sarah said…
Looks like a great party! Pinatas are always my kids must haves for their parties.:)
thepopsneezed said…
No baby elephant ears? C'mon. I've been stalking your blog forever, then started mine after some urging from Tiff (4under3) and Jen (mycharmingkids), and am still stalking your blog. But seriously. Can you give us a little hint (more than what you've already done)?!

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