A Post in which I try to catch up.

Life hasn't allowed for copious, or any, time lately for blogging. Oh believe me...I compose many a post in my head only to be allowed to dissipate into thin air (a.k.a my brain) before being spilled through my fingertips to the computer. This is not, however, due to a lack of goings on!

baby elephant ears
The progress has been a bit consuming lately...a change in font, proofing woven labels and hang tags, sewing products, taking orders and conceptualizing my trade show booth. Many dollar signs are flying out the door as well as we embark on the more costly portion of this venture....redying for the trade show! All of this said, we are full steam ahead ready to embark on the next phase. Why haven't I revealed them? The process of labeling has been much more arduous than I expected, and therefor has taken quite a bit of additional time. I would prefer to launch the site at the same time as I expose this product to the world...as to not have any down time. So...since they are not ready to launch...I have not announced it! Good things come to those who wait they say!

my baby turned one!
Well...it happened. It happened and the sky did not split in two, the ground did not tremble and life continues on with no glitch at all. A Pearly Poo Post is Pending!

a party for two please.
On Saturday we held a joint celebration for Lilly and Pearl's birthday. It was great, the weather was a bit chilly, but the pinata was a hit! Photographic post will follow!

a run that almost did me in.
It has become increasingly more difficult to get a run in during the weekdays lately. Therefor I have been having to cram a couple (or more) into a weekend. So this weekend, windy as it were, I decided to head out for a long run on Sunday. The sun shone upon me, the wind seemed mild, but my fear of the open road proved to be warranted. As I entered the 3 mile stretch that went directly into the wind. Not only did I amp up my typical distance, Decided to take a brand new route and the wind was almost more than I could bare! My knight and shining armor rode to meet me as I reached the homestretch and proved encouraging enough to get me through. I am, of course, glad I did it. But....my toes are sore, I have a bit of...eh ehm...chaffing. I would do it again today if given the opportunity! Man I am a glutton for punishment sometimes.

a day to celebrate my mother
My typical Mother's Day countdown has begun. You know..."what should I get her?", "how can I make it memorable?", "what will she like and need all at the same time?", "what should the children do for her?". Actually, I have a couple of ideas and my sisters and I are already concocting our plans. It's just difficult, in my opinion, to express a years worth of gratitude with one day and limited resources. We attempt to think of meaningful ways to do this, but...it's my mother!!! How can I possibly show her how much I care?!

Well, that's gotta be it for now. Children scream for breakfast. I scream for more coffee and the tree moving company has arrived to save our 2 beautiful shade trees in the front!


AJ and Miranda said…
Tell Scott Happy Birthday from me and the other birthday guy.
Megan Marie said…
I am glad that I am not the only one that braves going out in public when we don't feel up to par! Hope you guys had fun...we did!

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