Will all of my posts look like this?

My blog habits have been waning as if to cut myself self, slowly but surely, out of this world. This has not been intentional.
My days are no longer the slow.to.ready winter mornings. They are not filled with snuggle time and rainy day movies. They are, however, filled with early mornings out the door. Out the door to enjoy as many moments of the sunshine as possible.
My children have always been ready to rise as the sun does...always ready to start their days when it does...always ready to continue their play until it is done.
This allows me to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and happenings as much as I would like. What it doesn't allow is early day blogging of my many previously planned posts (in my brain of course).
When I am outside with our children I really enjoy playing with them. I mean like actually playing. I kick the soccer balls, play catch, ride bike (when I am not preggo that is!), pushing dolls in strollers, making "bouquets of flowers" with grass and pretending all sorts of things. Therefor not leaving much opportunity to blog. But...as we get in the swing of this summer time schedule...I am sure...I am positive I will re-think my plan and come up with something. I am sure!


Ehlan said…
Yes, keep posting! I will miss you otherwise! You can bring your laptop outside, right? :) So, will you be riding bike THIS summer?

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