It's Snacktime!

Before you go and get all excited that this is going to be some clever post about a new, healthy, easy, extra nutritious & simple snack idea I have....think again!

This is a post about a snack...but more of a selfish snack. One that I am going to keep all to myself.


There you have it! A prepackaged, salty, delicious, not nutritious snack! But....let me just say how amazingly surprised I was at the taste. It literally tastes like you just opened a bag filled with crunchy onion rings! Do you like onion rings? I most certainly looove a nice crispy onion ring. However, at $2.48 a bag it's not a great choice for a family the bag is small and would last one serving for each in my family. But I was unprepared as I set out to the grocery store yesterday, grumbling stomach and all, and happened to notice upon several new "snacks" that seemed tempting!

So...there you have new discovery! Enjoy!


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