2 Peas in this pod

That's all it is...half the time I have only 2 little peas in this pod!

It seems crazy. It feels easy. It feels quiet.

The 2 Little's left at home are bonding in a major way. They play as if there is no one watching....pretending and playing make believe. They chatter to one another about all kinds of kid and grown up things. They get along really well.

This is really similar to our summer...with all 4 children around all summer. They got along remarkably well...together...all 4 of them.

But....now 3 o' clock rolls around and everything changes. The 2 bigs get home and waltz in here tyring to control the place that the Little's have inhabited all day. They boss and they yell...they vie for my attention with fervor. But they can't have it all and frustration comes next.

Finn usually ends up getting quiet and then picking on the 2 little girls.

Lilly has ended up in full on...emotional breakdown, followed by alone time in her room by her choice!

Please tell me this will change...when the system turns into a habit? I know it will...they are all just 'changing' right now. But it makes for a long afternoon.

This too shall pass.


Becca said…
Our afternoons are a little bazar too. Once Eva is home and everyone is up from naps, there appears to be total confusion on how to come together. It exhausts me, and makes me sad... wishing I had kept Eva home to school her. But, I also am believing that this is only a season. Hang in there!
Thanks for the encouragement...it's good to know we're not alone! I too was questioning my decision to send the children to school. It makes me feel aweful! But...as you said...know that this is an adjustment period for ALL of us.

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