Late night Litter

That's right...these thoughts are the late night littering on my mind. The things that are just strewn and there. There's no rhyme or reason. Just rubbish.

Finn has his first REAL day of Kindergarten tomorrow.
I'm sad. I'd like to say happy too, but I'm not.
My day tomorrow feels too full to be real. But it is. Real that is.
A week ago I thought I wouldn't be ready to leave my house soon.
Today, circumstances make it so that I can't wait to get to the Farm.
This fishbowl (a.k.a my current house) is getting old.
Lilly is a veteran...1 week of 1st grade and she has it ALL figured out.
Sylvi is my first 'terrible 3'...and it is.
Pearl, on the other hand, slips in at 'perfect' most days.
Our Pup....well she's growing but smart as a whip.
Is it weird that winter isn't even here yet and I can't stop thinking about a Winter Vacation?
I'm going to Las Vegas in a month.
I am not prepared for the trade show I am attending.
But I will assured I will be.
The thought of leaving my family for a week, however...I am not prepared for...ever!
My sister creeps closer to motherhood each day. I can almost taste it now!
There is no way I can get up to run at 5:45am.
The end.


Anne said…
Nice to hear from you again! I can't imagine the day Sophie leaves for school - I nervous about preschool...and that's only like 2 hours! :) Good luck with the move and becoming an AUNT! So exciting...tell Ashley I'm thinking about her!!
Anne said…
oh - you also make me nervous regarding '3' - we're in terrible 2's...I was hoping there'd be light at the end of the tunnel... ;(

I think I've decided that they are one or the other usually...not both! Honestly...Sylvi is our first 'terrible' anything. None of the others had this length of a bad time. Just Sylvi!

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