Sometimes life refines you. Sometimes it's not welcomed...or even warranted, but God needs no permission to refine you whenever He sees fit.

That's where I am. God has brought me to a spot where refining is happening. It's happened many times before...and hopefully will happen many times again. It's painful. It's hard. It's heart wrenching sometimes....but it's necessary.

It's completely necessary to know, that in the end, you have allowed Gods hand to make and mold you into what He wants. Not what you want, or others want. To not act how you would like to act, but instead how He has made you to represent Him.

I have to say...I'm glad for the opportunity. Some days my face may not show it, but my heart screams it.

Last night...I was at our new home painting. It's a Farm...surrounded by 10 acres. That space allowed me to verbally and literally cry out to God and ask some tough questions. But that peace; that quiet...also allowed me to feel like the answers aren't necessary, or even really what I seek. But instead I sought his peace. Which He so generously gives me daily. Generously for certain.

That peace. That tranquility of spirit in knowing that He flows through me is what gets me through sometimes.

I'm not perfect. My thoughts wander...wander to places where I'd allow my flesh to speak. But he quiets my mouth, quiets my heart and quiets my actions (if I allow it.). My desire is to allow that to speak for me.


Kristin said…
Oh I so needed to be reminded of this today...thank you for sharing!!

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