This is the day...

...That the Lord has made!

Well yes of course...but also the day that the Lord has allowed us to move! We will still sleep here, in this our home for over 11 years, for another night or so. But all of our belongings are now at our NEW HOME! We are so thrilled to have been blessed with this opportunity.

We are moving to a farm...The Farm actually. It's The Farm that I grew up in. We moved there when I was going into fifth grade. In my childhood, that home saw us through:
-approx. 7 horses
-A full remodel
-approx. 50 foster sisters and brothers
-A sister who would leave, but a sister none the less
-Another sister who would never leave
-Saw my older sister off to college
-planned a wedding there
-HAD a wedding there
-Had graduation parties there
-Many Christmas gatherings
-Many Thanksgiving gatherings
-An end to my first BIG relationship
-The beginning of my last BIGGER relationship!

So much happened there...but we are ready to make it ours now. To change the look, but not the feel. To have it feel like home, but be our home.

We'll have room to move, room to be us without a care, room to be alone. We cannot wait....and thanks to some great friends and family who helped us move today...we'll be there soon!


That is awesome! So happy for you all! Can't wait to see some pictures. :)

Anne said…
I'm so happy for you guys! Thinking of you today.
loved the post sista! I dont have a phone at the moment, I seemed to have lost it, but hope all is going well in the move. Hope we can get together soon and get you that twin bed! have fun moving in and making it your own!
Bridget said…
ah the farm :) Can't wait to come see it again and re-live many memories :)
Ehlan said…
Can't wait to see pics!

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